Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

As the weekend comes closer, we all become happy and with the sense of delight and relief one thing haunts me a lot, what to do in this weekend! Well, we either spend the weekend on bed or crowd the already crowded malls or head to some bars, pubs and restaurants to devour/indulge in food and drinks. This is the story of every weekend. Though I love spending these two days at home with family, but sometimes my heart longs to go somewhere away.

So are you from Kolkata and want to enjoy the weekend by exploring new places? Then this post is for you…

Henry’s Island:-
Want to head to the beach, but also want to ignore the maddening crowd of Digha and Mandarmoni? Then Henry’s Island is your destination. Henry Island is an island near Bakkhali in South 24 Parganas, India and is around 130 km from Kolkata. A beautiful windy beach, away from the hustle-bustle is all you need to detox your soul during the weekend.

A 2 day and 1 night trip here can leave you lifetime of memories. You can go for Jungle walks, jungle boat safari, creek adventures and if you are lucky enough, you can get a glimpse of the infamous Royal Bengal Tiger as well. Surrounded by canopy of Mangrove trees, it is an abode to serenity, calmness and beauty, Sundarbans is truly sundar.

Sreerampore, Chandannagar, Bandel, Chinsura- Little Europe in West Bengal:
The banks of River Hooghly stand evidence of the colonial heritage that is an integral part of Bengal’s culture and tradition. Influences of French, Portuguese, Danish and British culture and architecture are vividly seen in various parts of Bengal, particularly in these part of Hooghly district. Chandannagar was established as a French colony, whereas Bandel and Chinsura were founded by Portuguese. Sreerampore on the other hand, has witnessed both the growth and decline of the feudal system, the coming of the Danes and their settlement and then a cultural renaissance (known as the Bengal Renaissance) initiated by the British following the construction of the east Indian railway. Heritage is not just about memories here; it is about the people, their stories, their traditions and their origins.

if myth and mystery fascinate you and history gets you going, pack your bags and head for Chandraketugarh. Located at a distance of about 40 kilometres from Kolkata, it is named after King Chandraketu whose civilization had flourished here for six eras. The history of Chandraketugarh dates back to almost the 3rd century BC, during the pre-Mauryan era and years of excavation have revealed relics of several historical periods. It is thought to be a part of the ancient kingdom Gangaridai that was first described by Ptolemy.

Do you wish to have the perfect beach getaway that doesn’t include ear ripping music or just alcohol laden evenings? Then visit Talsari. It is located in Baleswar district of Odisha and at a distance of 10 Km from Digha, the Talasari beach is pristine, serene and has been bestowed with spectacular panorama.

A small town in West Bengal, located kms away from Kolkata, is famous for its terracotta temples, rich culture including architecture, music and handicraft and silk sarees.

Located around 240kms from Kolkata, Garpanchkot offers scenic beauty where little peaks are secured with woods, providing a lush green backdrop for the 1500 year old dynasty.

Witness of the bygone era of Bengal, Deulghat is located near the Kansabati River,  kms away from Kolkata. This beautiful place encompasses 15 ruined temples which are rich in architectural grandeur. Delicate carvings and the unique construction pattern converse about the suave taste of Pal and Sen Dynasty of Bengal.

‘Peaceful’ in the ideal sense of the term, it is a small tribal village 13 km from Burdwan.

This is the place where Rasulpur River meets the Bay of Bengal, around 150kms away from Kolkata. It is the land of sea, sand and sun. The 96 feet high Dariapur Lighthouse there gives an amazing panoramic view of the place. You can also visit the famous ancient temple of Kapalkundala.

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