GOA in Monsoons

Most people flock to Goa’s sandy shores during the sunny and dry months, especially during October and March when the weather is perfect to hit the beach, swim in the sea and when Goa buzzes with various kinds of activity. By April and May the crowds reduce, for obvious reasons. And the period between June – September is Goa’s monsoon or rainy season. People generally avoid this time thinking what is the point of visiting a sea area in monsoon when everything will be closed?! It is time to break the myth.

Let’s see how…

Stay Cheap, Travel Cheap:-
Being off-season, most of the luxurious hotels provide discounted, monsoon special packages to their tourists. Discounts range from 30 to 50% of usual rates. But when in Goa during the monsoons, I always prefer quaint inns or lodges set in picturesque surroundings of paddy fields and small streams. It feels heavenly.
Two-wheelers and four-wheelers are also given on rent at discounted rates. Monsoon is all about discounts in Goa.

The Beautiful Landscape:-
Goan landscape transforms completely during monsoons. Painted in various shades of green, the hills often shroud themselves with misty veils.  As if the luxuriant green covering of trees is greeting the storm clouds. The rice fields are emerald green with a deep green fringe of palm trees and an even deeper green of other smaller trees and shrubs. The colorful canvas in greens, browns and yellows is in sharp contrast to the ominous grey clouds, the streaks of lighting disappearing in the horizon, the tall trees dancing to the tune of the winds, it is absolutely a sight to behold.

Swelling Waterfall:-
Goa is known for the majestic waterfall- Dudhsagar, which is absolutely gorgeous in monsoons. Tumbling down the hills, the waterfall looks more like milk than water, hence the name. Dudhsagar looks best in its full glory during the monsoon.

Plethora of Sports and Unique Experiences:-
From hiking through the woods to white water rafting, from canyoning and abseiling to river trips, from walking through algae laden paths to playing soccer with the local people, Goa in monsoon is absolute fun. Football is famous in Goa during monsoons, so don’t hesitate to get dirty. Time to relive those childhood days.

Goa is a land of carnivals and festivals. The unique feasts of São João and Bonderam are celebrated at the height of the monsoon in August. The magnificent colour and pageantry is accompanied by the usual singing, dancing and vibrant music.

A Walk To Remember:-
Swimming in the sea is strictly prohibited during monsoons in Goa. But you can always sit on the rocks and enjoy the calmness and the soothing effect that the fury of the ocean can give. Sounds contrasting? Well, you have to be there to experience it. Occasional walks on the beaches are allowed though; with drops of rain on your face and huge waves pounding the sandy beaches drenching your feet, ahh.. it feels amazing.
But always be careful on the beach, don’t get lost in your own thoughts or get carried away by the view. Listen to the coast guards.

Goa, the land of sea, sand, sun; of fun, drinks and food, is one of the coolest and most happening beach destinations in India. But contrary to the popular belief, the monsoon face of Goa is equally charming, I would say, even more charming!!! Non-crowded beaches, luxury hotels at reasonable rates, drenched roads, dark cloud hovering over the sea, pristine greens, swelling and thundering waterfalls, misty and dreamy, this is Goa for you during the monsoons…

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