Tour de Mandarmani in Monsoon

With the fall of monsoon my pull towards sea gets piqued. Strangely enough, I could never do a reconnaissance before I set myself en route. This factor adds all the subtle spice in the entire journey. This trip was no exception to it. Heavy rainfall and sea side is the best ever bonding to rejuvenate yourself; if you cannot get the flavor of it then that is a serious impasse of your mind or may be your are too old from within to travel.

I planned my trip for this beautiful place of Mandarmani just a day prior to my journey. I managed to get a few freaks alongside me to multiply my excitement. From Kolkata, Manadarmani is roughly 170 Kms on road. Rather than finding out public transports and making break journeys, it is best to have your independence on the roads. The drive would take 4 to 4 hours 30 mins (including a break of 30 mins). A must do thing is to take a break at Kolaghat where you can find good restaurants and the food is really tasty.


It would be not bad to start late night and drive over night to reach Mandarmani early morning. But to avoid unprecedented traffic, starting at 4 or 5 in the morning is also not bad either. Starting late night would give you the advantage of experiencing the dawn. To get the most from the nature, turn of the AC of your car, lower down the car window and breathe in the fresh air and also get mesmerized by the greenery on both sides of the roads. Trees on road side seem to make a gateway for you. If you are lucky to get rains then it will make your day all the more exciting.


The spiral roads on your last lap of the drive would stir up your excitement all the more. While taking the sharp turns, you can get glimpses of the mighty ocean. Do take a look on the lakes and ponds on the either side of the spiral roads where prawn cultivation has already become a beneficial occupation for the localities and you can also make a good deal by buying those fresh at a much cheaper rate.

If you have a pre booking then good otherwise even on a weekend you can find AC rooms available is some or the other hotel. Check in, unpack and rush to the sea. Plunge in – dive in and let yourself free to the sea. With the rain waters pouring in and you submerged into the sea gives you a heavenly experience. Trust me waves lashing on you and you dodging through the waves is the most de-stressing thing to do.


The waters are to be treated with a lot of respect in Mandarmani as there are several cases of accidents reported. With the tides, the flow of water varies a lot. The coast guards are too careful and duty-bound, and it is good to follow their instructions. There is a patch in the sea bed where the flow of water is mysterious, probably due to water currents. Even if you are a good swimmer, you are advised not to go near that.


Speed boats, Banana Boats are some of the equipment to enjoy going a bit deep into the waters and get enthralled, surfing through the waves. The security issue is taken care of as every rider is provided with life jacket.


I personally developed a strange affinity towards the sea. The beach and the waves just drove me crazy. If you are a sea lover, you would exactly experience the same feeling that I am mentioning about. Three hours in the sea passed within a blink of an eye. Even if you are alone you can never realise that passage of time.

The Jhoops on the beach is another good place to relax, to have some food and to again soak into the waters. Interestingly, these Jhoop owners would secretly offer you their menu card which includes all variants of hard drinks. Even if you avoid drinking, what you should not avoid is the range of fishes that they prepare for snacks/dinner. Try out folks, it is damn tasty. And yes, coconut water is also a must have thing.

The beach in the dusk becomes all the more sexy.   The speed of sea breeze intensifies in the evening and the roar of the sea becomes louder. The darkness in the far-flung sky takes you to a different flavour. On monsoon the lightening at a distance makes the weather all the more captivating. Take a chair, face the sea, sip in beer intermittently and I assure you that that feeling of becoming a philosopher, the feeling of selflessness would bind your soul.

Hotels generally do not have any such time to get back to your rooms. Hence you are free to be independent for unforeseen time.


In case you have missed the sunrise the previous day, you can get up early to experience sunrise. You can find loads of red crabs on the beach. The moment you go near them, they would make holes in the sand to hide.

There would be a lot of people walking through the 7 km stretch of coastline and there will be travellers would take the ‘Bhotbhoti’ ride (these things also can be found during the dusk). Take another dip into the sea as per the schedule. Have a good lunch and start your drive back home by 12 or 1 in the afternoon.

Guest Post by Indrayudh Dey

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