AS EASY AS TRAVELING: 10 travel hacks to make your wanderings more comfortable!!

When Knights of Medieval times used to go on quests and adventures, it generally took a horse, an armor, a sword and a heart full of courage to get them going. But as of today, we might need a tiny bit more than that. 😉

The world of travel today is much more than just hopping on a horse and finding a roadside inn. It is full of preparation, planning and execution of all those plans meticulously, so that the journey is both safe and enjoyable at the same time. Of course, it is also true that not everybody likes planning every step of their way. Some people just love being a dry leaf on a windy day, blowing in whichever direction the wind decides to go. And that type of travel has its own brand of problems, adventures and ups and downs.

But, I have learned that while you can battle through the toughest of situations with a heart and mind ready to face it all, its the little wins in life, the tiny things that makes the most impossible adventure a little bit more possible or gives you just a nudge in the longest of walks, to be the best feeling in the world.

So, dear travelers, here are some hacks to sate your wandering soul without taking a lot of toll on you. Here we go :


Always, always, always make a list before you start packing. It not only makes your packing smooth and hassle free but also lessens the chances of you forgetting something essential while you pack in a hurry. So, just make a list and check!!


Send yourself an email of a scanned copy of your passport and all documents you may need while traveling to different places. Also, keep offline copies stored in your device so that you don’t get stuck if there is no internet connection.


Roll, roll, roll your clothes gently in your pack! This is probably the most useful space saving hack and if you are someone like me who likes to have a lot of dressing options while on a vacation, then roll your clothes instead of folding them.

Source: Google

When I say comfy clothes, I don’t mean your pyjamas as day wear! But instead of being dressy and classy, go for comfortable clothing like shorts and loose fitted tops if you are going for an activity filled vacation.

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Carry a laundry bag to separate your dirty clothes from your fresh clothing and save them from getting smelly as you may not have the option to wash your clothes while you travel.


A backpack or a large spacious handbag is the most sensible choice for a bag when you are out exploring new cities and towns. You can leave your other luggage in your hotel and just head out with a few essentials, leaving your hands free with your camera and whatnot!

Source: Google

Take smaller sized bottles or containers of the products you use. You can also customize a medicine organizer or something like it to carry many products in a single box.

Source: Google

Plan your luggage space keeping in mind that you will probably shop at the destination too if you don’t want to add another bag while coming back. Also, donot pack and carry anything you can buy at your destination.


If you are traveling internationally, always carry an adapter with you to charge your phone and other devices because different countries have different electrical outlets.


Lastly, if you are traveling solo or on a budget, say a big NO to expensive hotels and resorts and go for hostels or inns. You save money and also make new friends from all over the world with lots of travel experiences to share!!

So, head out lads and lasses! And let’s hope that these quirky tips makes your vacation more easy and fun!!



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